Riding Academy

**Precision Riding Academy is temporary postponed until further notice. We look forward to teaching new riders later this season.

Please check back to our page for future updates.**


Course Fee: $299 plus GST

Course Description
Whether you’ve been riding for years or are new to the motorcycle community, improving
safety and technique is always important. When you ride with confidence and know how to
keep yourself and other drivers safe, riding is safer and more enjoyable for everyone.
This course is a multi-day training program designed to create skillful, safety-conscious,
responsible motorcycle riders. This program is for riders of all backgrounds and experience
(or inexperience) levels. Sessions run every other weekend May - September.

Upon successful completion of this course, you should:
•know how motorcycles function and react in various riding situations.
•employ helpful riding strategies taught by our experienced instructors.
•ride with confidence as a skilled and responsible motorcycle rider.
•acquire a foundation of knowledge to build upon for your riding lifetime.

You must be 16 years of age to take this course.
You must have minimum Class 5 license.
Motorcycle riders of all levels are welcome.
A passion for motorcycling!

Supply List
DOT(Department of Transportation) approved motorcycle helmet, full face preferred.
Clothing of substantial weight to protect you against falls:
•Jacket: Leather, heavy denim, heavy khaki or motorcycle textile.
•Pants: Leather, heavy denim, heavy khaki or motorcycle textile.
•Gloves: Leather or motorcycle textile.
•Footwear: Should cover your ankles. Acceptable footwear includes hiking boots or
work boots, preferably with a low heel and small toe. Do not wear steel-toed boots.
Laces should be avoided, tucked in or duct taped.
•Rain gear: the course will proceed in spite of mild to moderate inclement weather.

•Motorcycles are provided for this course.
In addition, PRA will be offering optional and informal group rides to assist in the continued
development of your riding skills. Participation in these rides will be on your own motorcycle
and at your own risk.
Once your registration is complete, you will receive the student manual and liability waiver for
review prior to the start of the course. Waivers must be signed and brought to the course