Parts & Accessories

We are proud to offer our customers a great lineup of parts and accessories for any unit. We are always working to keep our department stocked, and carry some of the best brands in the business. Stop by to check it out and get everything you need to complete your ride!


A terrific Canadian company, FXR offers riders a great selection of snow and moto accessories and gear! Known for its excellent customer service and its ever-expanding product lines, FXR makes a great addition to our accessories store. Find a great lineup of FXR’s Mountain Line of snow gear; Motocross jerseys, pants, and gloves; protective gear such as helmets, goggles, and boots; and, outdoor lifestyle accessories, luggage and clearance items! Enjoy a great three-year warranty on all mountain classified outerwear, with the exception of the one-year warranty on boots, helmets, and gloves. We also have a large stock of FXR helmets, as they are very comfortable and affordable!


Thor Motocross started in 1968 as a grassroots company and is the only company today with nearly 50 years in the Motocross marketplace. As a result, Thor MX is one of the leading off-road apparel companies in the world. Thor MX products encompass protective riding gear as well as casual wear for the avid rider who likes to make a statement off the bike and those who simply love the brand and the scene. We are Southern Alberta's largest stocking dealer so stop in and we can get you ready for the races!


First started in 1958, Scott manufactures a selection of high-quality helmets, goggles, and gloves. Scott has been designing and building goggles since 1970 and they are well-known on the market for their outstanding performance! They are the only company to infuse their goggle lenses with an anti-fog treatment, which delivers the best clear field of vision for snowmobile riders. The three layered, molded face foam and air control system ensures you are not only seeing the clearest, but are comfortable the whole time you’re wearing the goggles! The Scott 550 helmet also pushes the limits of innovation, and they now offer a MIPS brain protection system against angular impacts, reducing the rotational violence transmitted to the brain with its slip layer inserted between the helmet and the head. Scott is a reliable line that really works!


Founded in 2002, ICON burst onto the scene with unabashed attitude and a heavy right wrist. ICON was created to address the modern performance rider who claimed the streets as their preferred hunting grounds. Their products are designed to address the unique needs of these riders—unforgiving asphalt, gravel-strewn corners, and inattentive cagers—all things you experience on your daily rides. As a company of riders they understand our kind, they know what goes on in our minds...and they’ve felt the pain when the inevitable occurs. This firsthand knowledge leads their inspired product design, industry leading imagery, and top-notch service.

Forma Boots

Looking for motocross boots? We carry only the best! The Forma brand was born in 1999 and since then has always shown important growth trends. Thanks to its own R&D and the continuous technical development, the brand has been able to offer the market a complete product range. Only the highest quality standards have guaranteed Forma to become a global brand amongst the most recognized in the world. Keep an eye out for more of their products being offered in our Part & Accessories store!


Elevate your riding safety with Alpride’s cutting-edge Avalanche Airbag System. Packaged in a 100% leak-free and no-maintenance-required cartridge, the Alpride’s Avalance Airbag System mimics the same cartridge type lifejacket that has been used in the Navy for almost 50 years. Inflating in three seconds, the Swiss engineering behind this product guarantees its high quality, and its certified technology creates an ultra-compact system that is both light and robust! Alpride was founded in 2009, and we’re proud to carry Alpride’s Avalanche Airbag System and offer it to riders to help protect them on the mountains.


EVS is protection! Founded in 1985, designing the best off the shelf knee braces, roost deflectors and race collars to protect athletes for over 35 years. EVS Sports continues to be the leading innovator of motocross and street bike protective gear.


Ortovox’s avalanche emergency equipment offers riders the best in safety and preparation before hitting the mountains! Started in 1980, Ortovox is based in Germany, and most of their products are made in Germany. We carry a large selection of their avalanche safety equipment, including avalanche transceivers, avalanche probes, avalanche shovels, and first aid kits. Ortovox is the way to help you get found easier and quicker in the event of an avalanche. Get sophisticated avalanche protection with Ortovox.

Jaws Performance

Jaws Performance is a leading Canadian manufacturing company of Performance Exhaust Systems for snowmobiles. Jaws Perofrmance has become the trusted name in snowmobile exhaust systems, and delivers a great, reliable product at affordable prices and with excellent customer service! We offer Jaws Performance exhaust systems and lightweight silencers.


Madjax is a unique, industry-leading brand that offers a vast selection of golf car accessories to suit any lifestyle. Some of their products which you can find in our dealership include the LED headlight kits; rear seat kits & heavy duty leaf springs; vinyl and nylon storage covers; wheel covers; 5-panel mirror kits; steering wheel kits; on-the-fly programmers and controllers; and, wheels & tires.

Pitbull Tires

For your best ATV and UTV riding experience, we carry most sizes of Pitbull Tires’ Rocker and Growler ATV/UTV radials. Known for their extra deep rim guards and integrated sidewall protectors, Pitbull Tires have been the reliable tire of choice for many ATV and UTV enthusiasts. Mostly made in the USA, Pitbull Tires can be relied on to handle any tough or rugged condition, and were sturdily designed to handle any application. Its rubber compound is supple yet strong, allowing you better grip and flex on any trail.


Superclamp is a Canadian company founded in 1990 with development and manufacturing facilities in Southern Alberta and BC. They have become well known for their Superclamp, which is the #1 tie down system for snowmobiles in North America! We carry a variety of their products, including Superclamp, Superclamp Rear, Superglides, Supertraction Grid and Supertrac. Stop by and check out our selection before making your way out to the trails!

Starting Line Products

Starting Line Products is an Idaho-based company that has a lineup of impressive skis and ski products! Here at Precision Powersports, we carry their skis, including the Powder Pro Ski and MoHawk Ski. The Powder Pro delivers excellent control and floatation in deep powder skiing and mountain riding. Get terrific steering control and reduce darting on packed or groomed trails and the ‘nose diving’ during deceleration. The MoHawk ski is perfect for crossover and mountain skiing with floatation, and aggressive bites and predictability for today’s skier. You can also find ski slips, for protection on concrete floors, trailers, and decks.

VP Racing Fuels

VP Racing Fuels has been the world leader in racing fuel for over 45 years. Winning thousands of races and hundreds of championships in all forms of motorsports from road racing to motocross, drag racing to dirt racing, and everything in between. With a catalog of more than 80 fuel blends and a growing roster of VP-fueled champions across the entire spectrum of motorsports. The passion and dedication of VP’s development team to staying on the leading edge of technology is legendary. Most of VP’s employees are or have been racers in one form or another and are driven by the competitive will to win.

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